Copy Cat Part Two

Well, my attempt at creating crackles was a flop! Maybe the modelling paste was not suitable for the task or maybe my glue wasn’t thick enough or I don’t know what. I guess I’ll have to get some crackle gel next time I’m near an art supply store. No matter, the textures on my painting are marvellous. I pealed a bit of the paint skin on the thick parts off and exposed some more text. I’ll take the piece further and make it my own from here.


I am compelled to paint these little squares. I’m not sure why, I think they are interesting and provide a focus and another element to play with. I wanted to add some colour and incorporate it into the painting. I applied thick squares of paint with a palette knife, then sprayed them with water and let the colour bleed down the canvas.


Experimenting further, I brushed on some more colour, this time red, filling in some of the texture to highlight it. Not sure if I like it but I’ll keep going. I’m going to work on this until it is satisfactory to me as a finished painting and not just an experiment. I think by resolving my exercises into completed works I can learn to problem solve issues that bother me (like the red I’m not sure of) with more confidence.


I decided to tone down the red by glazing a translucent butter cream colour then scumbling with white.


I repeated this process several times until I felt it luscious enough and subtle enough. Then I used my palette knife to paint on a rich, dark blue/green over the teal to provide some serious value contrast..


It might be done. It certainly doesn’t resemble the piece by Cody Hooper that I was working from but I learned a great deal from the attempt.


~ by amyheggieart on October 11, 2014.

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