2014, a year of change.

This year, 2014, started off very roughly. Early in the year I found out I had cancer, shortly after that, my best friend’s son, Jordan, passed away.

Jordan’s memorial was such a gathering of community! So much love and sharing, so many people coming together to support the family and celebrate his life! He lived life to the fullest, he never compromised.

After having surgery to remove the tumour inside my body, I began to question just what it is I am doing with my life. I began to draw again but found it completely unsatisfactory. I decided to paint. I have always painted but had not committed myself to it. I used home-schooling my son as an excuse, I used anything as an excuse. Why? I think because painting involves my soul. It is exposure for me. It requires (gasp!) mistake making! For the past two months I have been painting like a fiend and have made many mistakes and have learned so much. I am in love with it! I love the mistakes as they require me to stretch and go places I wouldn’t have thought of.

My newest painting was supposed to be a polar bear. I had so much trouble with it that I scraped the canvas and instead painted a dark blue abstract with bright red squares diminishing in intensity toward the edges. It symbolized the polar moon and was very satisfying when finished.

Recently I participated in a showing of paintings with another artist and received many positive comments regarding my new work.














~ by amyheggieart on August 13, 2014.

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