Gradient Bars


Before doing any drawing it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with your drawing tools and practice some techniques. The mechanical pencil is great for drawing because it remains sharp, more or less. It will develop a small flat area which is good for shading. When you need it to be sharp, you can simply turn the pencil slightly and draw with the edge of that flat spot. It will be very sharp.

It takes a while to become comfortable with the mechanical pencil. A good exercise to do is to draw ‘gradient bars’.  Start by drawing a very faint rectangle about 1” x 2”. Using very small strokes with a slightly circular movement start at one end of the rectangle and shade from dark to light. Use very pale shading to start, go over and over it to get it darker. Try to hold the pencil very loosely, put very little pressure on the paper. After a while this will become more intuitive as you get the feel of it. Try this exercise with all the different leads you have i.e. 2B, HB, etc.

~ by amyheggieart on April 25, 2012.

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